John Denzer, Founder

Polyven was founded in 2005 with an emphasis on outstanding experience and commitment to excellence. Since then, it has since grown to include many new products, services and technologies along with a broad network of business partners and associates.  Our growth is based on our guiding principles, which are the key to our success:


Independence, Objectivity, Competency, Inovation, Sustainability and Confidentiality.


Find out how these core values have helped many of our clients/partners achieve lasting success for their businesses.


From an operating perspective, our management team has the experience and dedication to perform and deliver measurable results for our clients and partners.


And, as a full-service provider of consulting services, our offerings in products, services and technology can meet the demanding needs of a fast paced marketplace.


We have global locations with partners in North America, South America, Europe and Asia to hep facilitate the support of our clients. 

For Your Existing & Future Business Needs.

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