Management Team

John Denzer



John founded Polyven after working as Director Polypropylene Business for Formosa Plastics Corporation, USA in 2005. He served as Global Vice President for Accuma, SpA, Managing Partner for Resin Technolgy Inc., and Market Manager Polypropylene Business for Millenium Petrochemicals (Basell). Serves as Executive Partner of Mathelin Bay Associates. Completed his MBA studies at Long Island University and received his BS in Mathematics/Computer Science from Mercy College with minor in Chemistry. Also holds an AS Engineering Science from Westchester Community College. An active participant and speaker within the Plastics Industry on Operating Excellence, Technology and Recycling with membership in The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Consultants Circle, and The Society of Petroleum Engineers.  


           Areas of expertise

  • Plastics & Chemicals / Commodity and Engineering Resins
  • Additives / Colors & Compounds / Specialty Master Batches
  • Sustainability / Recycling / Carbon Footprint Reduction
  • Alternative Energy / Biomass / Algae / Solar / Waste to Energy
  • Plastics and Recycling Manufacturing and Technology
  • Plastic Processing Machinery & Equipment
  • M&A / Risk Management / Re-engineering
  • Global Manufacturing Industry Consulting
  • Information Systems / WEB Design / Social Media Integration

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